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Helping Those in Need

Creating Solutions

CARE DROPS INTERNATIONAL is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing God’s love and generosity in Honduras.

We serve remote communities, many of which lack essential commodities such as electricity and vehicular access.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for children and communities looking to end the cycle of hopelessness. 

Your help is needed.

By becoming a monthly partner, we can reach more children by providing more scholarships and creating more eating centers.

Along with your monetary support, you can get involved by donating clothes, furniture, and household items to be sold at our store, TREASURES.

Help us spread the word:

TREASURES quality for less

Following the model from our Lord Jesus Christ, we are providing meals and clothing to less fortunate children as well as the elderly.

We are transforming children's lives by facilitating scholarships to empower the entrepreneurship mind; bringing hope to long-forgotten villages.

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