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Resale and Donation Store

TREASURES is a store where donations can be dropped to be sold. The proceeds are used to help maintain eating centers and create scholarships.  

Your donations and purchases are helping this project create more centers and change the lives of more children. 


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For most children living in these remote mountains, attending school is challenging. Even if a child manages to finish elementary school (6 grade), continuing education is almost non-existence due to the lack of schooling in the area and also, the parents' inability to afford to send their children to the nearest city.


Are areas in which children can come, once per day, and obtain a nutritious meal. These centers are operated by local volunteers who prepare and serve each lunch. CDI builds and sustains these centers. 


Creating hope in the mountain of Honduras

CDI is creating a scholarship program for children living in the remote communities we already serve and surrounding areas.


This program will supply all the educational needs, including shelter, meals, school supplies, and monthly spending money for personal care.


The students who are looking for an opportunity, and whose parents cannot afford this next level of primary education, will leave their home to be housed on the school grounds.

Besides academic education, the student will also learn a trade that will provide him an advantage after graduating.



If you are interested in sponsoring a student or provide a general donation to the scholarship fund, click here.

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