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Water Problems

Team CDI is excited to share news about our most recent trip to Brisas and La Vegona. We saw Gods hand and power even before leaving the United States. In December, Honduras went through civil unrest after the presidential elections, causing us to postpone our trip several times. Added to the political problems, this has been one of the most intense rainy seasons in years. Leaving the "small" details to God, we pressed on.


In February, the CDI team traveled to Honduras full of excitement and ready to do God's work.

We set out to document nutritional progress in children by checking their hemoglobin levels and study the correlation between the results with weight and age.

The children's results in Brisas registered below average, alerting us that changes needed to be done to their diet.

As we addressed the children, we began to notice adults lining up with general medical questions. We soon realized the need of bringing medical brigades to Brisas. We could not provide an answer nor did we have any medication for them.

Perhaps this could be an area in which CDI could better help this community in the future.

Along with our desire to bless these children with their health, we also wanted to feed them spiritually. We were able to do a skit with a word of encouragement. We did face painting, balloon animals, and illusions tricks. We delivered clothes, shoes, toys, and BIBLES.

We culminated the event with a good size lunch, cake, and drinks.

Two of our volunteers (my son and daughter), became sick after leaving Brisas. As we backtracked to try to pinpoint the cause, we concluded that it was the water at Brisas.

Via outside connections, we were able to send technicians to examine the water there. After a few tests, the results showed contamination.

Having contaminated water could be the reason children are showing below average hemoglobin levels. Their little bodies may have amoebas so before addressing a change in menu, we will go to the source and address the water issue first.

Also, we were able to worship God in the new building that CDI assisted in building.

We are very excited about all that God is doing in this community.

If you haven't already, please consider becoming a monthly supporter. Remember: you are lending to the Lord, and He repays Proverbs 19:17

There's so much to be done. Together, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of these children.

CDI Team

Working For The Kingdom

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