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End of Year Blessing

In Honduras, during the coffee harvest season, most children work to help their families in order to be able to buy notebooks, pencils and other school supplies for the coming school year. Honduras has the second highest rate of child malnutrition, most frequently in the indigenous and rural communities where around 70% of the inhabitants live in extreme poverty.

Before ending 2017, CDI volunteers in Honduras traveled through rugged mountains to visit children in the small village of "Laguna del Carmen" in Quimistan, Santa Bárbara. The locals there are engaged in coffee harvesting. They plant corn and beans as their main sources of food. However, the dream of children is to be able to go to school and be able and achieve a better life than their parents.

CDI, faithful to its principles, took the word of God and shared His love with the children. 50 backpacks were delivered loaded with notebooks and pencils so those children can go to school in 2018. The children were also provided toothbrushes and toothpaste and volunteers demonstrated proper dental care. Children played, broke piñatas open,and were fed a delightful meal.

What an exited way to end the year! And what hope we have for these children in 2018!

If you haven't already, please consider becoming a monthly supporter. Remember: you are lending to the Lord, and He repays Proverbs 19:17

There's so much to be done. Together, with God's blessings, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of these children.

CDI Team

Working For The Kingdom

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