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Mission Trip To Honduras

We are very excited to report that our trip to Honduras was a success. Truly we have seen God’s hand and blessings on this project.

Thank you for providing clothing donations and monetary assistance to CDI. It is because of your support that we are able to provide these precious children with these basic needs.

We are looking forward to opening two new eating areas, meaning 150 more children will be getting fed five days per week. We have partnered with local churches who have organized volunteers from the community to cook and prepare these meals. CDI will provide the food ingredients, utensils, chairs, tables, and cooking equipment to make this happen.

Please continue to shop and bring your donations to TREASURES.

In a third world country such as Honduras, it’s not hard to find hungry children in desperate need of help. Care Drops International (CDI) was founded with the purpose of helping children in communities that have long been forgotten even by the local government.

Brisas Del Paraiso is a community of about 170 adults and 75 children. Its location is so remote they even lack access to electricity.

Pastor Ruben Idiarte (Brisas Del Paraiso)

We traveled three and a half hours by car and walked another 3 hours to reach this community. Knowing about our visit, the pastor met us halfway through our walk with horses. As we continued our climb, this pastor shared that in order to bring building materials for a church being built, he organized a few horses to be loaded with six cinder blocks per trip to make the 4 hour journey.

CDI has secured all the necessary eating materials for an eating area to bless this fantastic group of people.

La Vegona will also begin feeding about 60 children. As we await completing construction of the eating area, children will receive their meals in a church served by community volunteers.

La Esperancita has been feeding about 70 children. During our visit, we were able to provide the concrete slab and paint the eating area.

We were able deliver clothes, shoes, and toys that YOU donated.


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