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Mission Trip July

Since our last visit in February, in which we documented children hemoglobin levels to examine their anemic state, we learned that many of the villagers were eager to see a doctor.

Visiting a doctor is very challenging in these parts of the country, not only is the distance an obstacle, but also the cost of the visit.

We began to pray so God would provide a doctor willing to make this journey with us.

Dr. Gary Parkhurst accepted the challenge with excitement. His love for Gods children and burden for the lost is genuine and contagious. We were also privileged to have Pastor Daryll Harris, David Harris, and David Griggs from New Day Fellowship church come with us.

We visited six villages in all. To all six we traveled in our 4x4 truck that God finally provided. He is always faithful.

While the adults spoke with the doctor, the rest of us ministered the young.

Village after village, time after time, we shared Gods love and purpose with them. It was a joyful time.

As always, we delivered clothes, toys, and shoes to some of these villages.


Montessori Special Needs School

The Montessori School cares for thirty children with special needs. Most of these children come from a single parent home with multiple siblings.

In a third world country, children with disabilities and without means, are virtually ignored.

We learned about a young girl who, along with her brother, frequented the town dumpster searching for food soon after leaving school.

God has provided for CDI to be able to establish an eating center here.

The principal informed us that we are doing what, after many requests, the local government has refused to do.

As we continue to assist this school, we will be looking for other ways to help.

The children are in need of:

  • a recreation area,

  • physical therapy equipment,

  • the creation of an access ramp,

CDI is providing so these children can receive a snack and a warm lunch every day.


Creating Solution

CDI is currently working on two projects in Brisas.

  1. As we learned during our February trip, the water there is contaminated. Perhaps is one of the causes why the hemoglobin test came back below average. CDI is looking for a solution to this water problem.

  2. We believe that helping create solar dryers in Brisas can be of significant advantage to this community. The cost of each dryer is approximately $650 each


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