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Sara's New Home

We met Sara and her son during our June trip to Honduras.

Our contact took us to her house to deliver one of the many Relief Baskets we had allocated for this community.

We learned that Sara's husband was a victim of a deadly crime after witnessing a murder. She has been a widow for twelve years and cares for their only son, now fourteen.

Her health is in a bad state due to the lack of nutrients in her diet. There is often nothing to eat, and most of the time is a tortilla with salt.

As we approached her home, she stood firmly by the door, ready to receive us.

She was delighted to have a basket of these essentials in her house.

Her home was in such a rotten state; one would imagine that a mere gust of wind could bring the house down.

The roof had so many holes that, when it rained, she had to go to her neighbor's house out of fear of collapsing.

Sara shared that her income varied since she washes clothes for her community, but most people wash their clothes since they do not have the means to pay.

We were shocked when we saw her house. She lived in a state of poverty that we had never seen before.

Giving her the relief basket was not enough. We began to ask God for ideas of how we could help Sara.

After praying and planning with our local volunteer, we made plans to build her a home.

The Bible says that without faith, it's impossible to please God. So, taking steps of faith, we marched on.

Two months later, Sara had a brand new home. We organized Sara's neighbors to help clear the rumble from her old home and help bring the materials needed for the new one to cut costs.

As a bonus, God provided for Sara to begin a Tupperware business.

She will now sell these much-needed plastic commodities door to door.

We had a "thanksgiving" service when we gave her the keys to her new home.

Sara went from missing walls to having them made of concrete, from an outhouse to indoor plumbing. From using candles to having electricity. From asking "where is God?" to feeling spoiled by him.

Sara came to know the Lord during our service and now realizes how abundant God's love is.

Since Sara cannot read, we left a Bible with her son, who reads it to her.

Only God could have done this. To Him be glory and honor.

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